TERLIK SABO ST-194 Leather Clogs for Men - Black

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Terlik Sabo Classic ST194 Clogs for Men

Comfortable use all day long thanks to its internal structure suitable for the foot anatomy.
An environmentally friendly polyurethane sole is used in its production.
It does not slip on wet surfaces thanks to the special bottom shape of the sole.
We use real leather in its production.
Usage areas: In hospitals and health centers, our doctors use them as doctor slippers and our nurses use them as nurse slippers. Orthopedic slippers are worn by laboratory workers. They are preferred as cook slippers and restaurant slippers for cooks, and as hotel slippers, also known as sabo slippers, for hotel staff.

Do not place your wet or damp clogs under or on the radiators or next to the stove.
Remove moisture with a dry cloth and let it dry on its own in an airy environment.
Our Terlik Sabo clogs are not suitable for machine washing due to their structure. Clean our Men's Terlik Sabo Clogs by wiping them only with a damp cloth.

Best way to select your size:
1.Measure the length of your foot, and we recommend you to add 0.5 cm
2.Select the size from the table based on the foot length
3.If you have Hallux Valgus, long index toe, wide footbed or high instep, then add one size up

EU 42 - UK 8.5 - 27.5 cm - 10.82 inch
EU 43 - UK 9 - 28.5 cm - 11.22 inch
EU 44 - UK 10 - 29.5 cm - 11.61 inch
EU 45 - UK 11 - 30.5 cm - 12.00 inch
EU 46 - UK 12 - 31 cm - 12.20 inch