TERLIK SABO ST-1093 Leather Clogs for Women - Lead

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Terlik Sabo Air Light ST1093 Clogs for Women

The most distinctive feature of our AirLight slippers is their lightness.
The spring properties of this sole are quite high.
Thanks to its spring feature, it does not tire the feet.
Sole height is 4 cm.
It provides comfortable use all day long thanks to its internal structure suitable for foot anatomy.
Environmentally friendly polyurethane base is used in its production.
Thanks to the special base of the sole, it does not slip.
Genuine leather
The holes on the side provide air flow and prevent sweating.
Since we do not use artificial materials, it is suitable for foot health.
It gets its comfort from the specially designed insole.
Thanks to laminated leather, it provides longer use than all other brands.

Frequently Used Areas:
- You can easily use our women's slippers and men's slippers at home or outside.
- Doctors, nurses and medical staff working in hospitals and clinics prefer medical clogs.
- Catering and kitchen staff in restaurants and hotels
- It is frequently preferred by the cleaning staff and other staff at the hotel due to its comfort.

Best way to select your size:
1.Measure the length of your foot, and we recommend you to add 0.5 cm
2.Select the size from the table based on the foot length
3.If you have Hallux Valgus, long index toe, wide footbed or high instep, then add one size up
Do not worry, if the size is bigger than your normal size, because this brand has very narrow fit.

EU 37 - UK 4 - 23.3 cm - 9.17 inch
EU 38 - UK 5 - 24.0 cm - 9.44 inch
EU 39 - UK 6 - 24.7 cm - 9.72 inch
EU 40 - UK 7.5 - 25.5 cm - 10.03 inch
EU 41 - UK 8.5 - 26.5 cm - 10.43 inch