Biancomolina F01 FEDER KLOMPE Leather Womens Spring Clogs - black

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Biancomolina F01 FEDER KLOMPE Spring Clogs for Women

From the range of Biancomolina footwear, we present to you a redesigned model of feder clogs. It is a well-known shock-absorbing sole, but now it is just a feather in the heel part, whose function is to eliminate harmful vibrations caused by heel strikes on hard surfaces such as tiles, concrete and the like. In addition to functionality, we paid strict attention to aesthetics, that is what this model with unique designs, different from anything seen so far. The materials have also been changed, now the wood is made of popular veneer and therefore the clogs are lighter, the sole is made of non-slip rubber, which we make in several color combinations.

Soft natural leather (cowhide) uppers
Soft natural leather (cowhide) lining
Shock absorbing sole
Eliminate harmful vibrations caused by heel strikes such as toles, concrete and the like
Sole is made of wood (veneer), which makes it lighter
Rubber cover of sole
Unique design, aesthetics