Biancomolina A01 Leather Womens Air Clogs - mosaic

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Biancomolina A01 Air Clogs for Women

From the range of Biancomolina footwear we present to you the restyled model of air clogs. It is a sole with a cushion made of ultra-light PVC material that we designed in combination with two wooden veneered boards, the design of the sole is made so that in addition to aesthetics, they provide stability and comfort that each work training should have. Next to we paid strict attention to functionality and Aesthetics is what makes this skirt model unique in detail it sets it apart from everything seen so far. The biggest advantage of this model is the cushioning sole which every step and heel strike on a solid surface cushions and creates a very pleasant feeling of comfort.

Soft natural leather (cowhide) uppers
Soft natural leather (cowhide) lining
Sole is made of wood (veneer), an ultra-light PVC material cushion between
Stability and comfort